Update 2015

After I started this site and entered into the world of defective hip devices, I thought once the DePuy hip was removed or I either had my day in court or it was settled, I could put the MoM issue behind me.
Wishful thinking.

Due to my dysphasia and my need in 2011 to get my left hip replaced, I proceeded with more knowledge and data than I think most patients or even orthopedic surgeons had at that time. I knew the vast majority of MoM’s that were defective so I went with the old system of a poly liner and ceramic ball. The surgery was successful (or so I thought).  Within 3 months I had excruciating pain again but this time it was towards the back of my buttocks and in my thigh. 

After 18 months of being told it was in “perfectly” and it was just my body due to harm done to my right hip, I got my own X-Ray done, put in my Mac and saw white lines up and down both sides of the stem. I knew the horror this meant -  it had not grown into the femur - it was loose. I took this to my doctor and he very reluctantly told me he had been “ having issues of late" with this stem and had to take several out as well as his partner. I was beyond furious. He was hoping it would not happen to me of all people but it did. Now I knew the stem was defective all along - the coating was missing from much of the stem so it was like a clean blade into my femur - no chance of growing in and would always  “tork out" the hip itself and cause constant pain. It had to come out. 

But I wanted the device maker to make me whole for their mistake. I didn’t need an attorney to take 30-40% of the money.  I was entitled to compensation so with the help of my doctor, we held their feet to the fire for over a year. They were as reprehensible as DePuy was. “The patients cause all the problems". They have no fault - this, their boiler plate response that hits your face like boiling water thrown at it.

I filled two more binders with information and went to work. Two years later, this hip was replaced but it’s taken a full year not to have pain. I now have had 4 hips in 4.5 years - two defective and all manufacturer caused with both denying it was them - it was all my fault. I threatened media exposure and finally settled with them for more net dollars than I would have had I secured an attorney. But it was pure hell. 

None of these device manufacturers do what is right. Legal won’t let them and they want to keep their jobs so they have all lost their way as human beings. I’m not allowed to post the actual emails they sent to me (American Horror Story kind- of- remarks) but they were vicious.

Do your homework! No new devices, new procedures, virgin doctors to device or procedure and always ask all the right questions and check the MAUDE reports first.


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