ConnectThe purpose of this site is for patients like us, to “talk” to each other

If you have ever experienced a defective device inside you, been harmed by a caretaker, or received improper medial care as an outpatient or in-patient for a medical procedure yourself or a loved-one, you will understand the mission of this platform.

The pain, both physical and emotional can be as isolating as the only person on earth or someone buried in a tunnel with no one hearing our cries for help. For many the damage can be life-long and few will get any monetary relief and if so, it will still never cover the cost of care.

I am a media person having worked in the radio, television, and new media formats my entire adult life. I have built and run TV stations and in short, know the media and social media can be our best use of voice.

Publicly traded companies, (device makers) and hospitals (either for profit or non-profit) have shareholders and stakeholders and boards do not like negative publicity. Never before have their been so many tools provided by social media which allow communication to the outside world of what happened to us, what has happened to others, and the permanency of our accounts.

I have seven 3 inch binders filled up on what has happened not just to me, but to many others over the last five years of just one category of medical devices; that of the metal-on-metal hip replacement systems. If you take a moment to read My Story you will know what led me here.

What we have before us is deceit, cover-ups, lies and gross double billing of insurance providers including Medicare by many of these companies who by their by their own errors are allowed to “fix” the error, getting yet another chance to bill patients and providers – the classic double-dip.

The saddest aspect of patient care are some physicians, and I do stress some but they can do massive harm like Dr. Thomas Schmalzried and Dr. Thomas Vail who designed the DePuy ASR system are now actively promoting their “new” device despite the lawsuits, which they are allowed to do (no laws prevent them from doing so) – yet. This may sound overzealous but I doubt one person reading this who has suffered the anguish of a malfunctioned hip would say anything less than these physicians should lose their license to practice. They took millions in design and consulting fees and never told patients at the time they had a financial interest in the device implanted.



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