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Fixodent: Is Too Much for Too Long Unhealthy?
This story and video was aired on Feb. 8th, 2011 by Chris Cuomo of ABC News. Although it is not about the DePuy hip, it is about zinc poisoning and its affects in the body and how the FDA, P&G and a doctor all played a part. We need to be very aware of nerve/hand/feet sensations and make sure we report to our neurologist, rheumatologist, and/or pain physicians. view video >>

J&J Hip Replacement Plaintiff Lawyers Named by Judge
JAN. 28, 2011 – Six plaintiffs’ lawyers will lead federal litigation against Johnson & Johnson over recalled devices used in hip-replacement surgeries... read more >>

Hip Recall Victim Takes Stand Against FDA, Johnson & Johnson
JAN. 26, 2011 / SAN FRANCISCO / Just five months after Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics recalled 93,000 defective hip implants worldwide... read more >>

N.J.'s Johnson & Johnson Facing Shareholder Lawsuit Over Recalls
DEC. 22, 2010 – A group of Johnson & Johnson shareholders is blaming the company’s board of directors and top executives for permitting a breakdown of compliance with federal regulations that led to the recent wave of product recalls... read more >>

DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit
MARCH 2010 – Here are over 50 comments from recipients of the DePuy hip systems in just one year. Hopefully some of what they have learned can help or, perhaps you can help them.
..

Kregor to hold new Mast Chair in Orthopaedic Trauma
March 13, 2009 – Philip Kregor, M.D., director of the Division of Orthopaedic Trauma, has been named the Jeffrey W. Mast Chair in Orthopaedic Trauma and Hip Surgery... read more >>

DePuy Denies Gulf War Veteran's Hip Replacement Recall Claim
Seeger Salvas Warns Hip Replacement Recall Victims That DePuy Could Deny Their Claim And Argue That They Caused Their Own Injuries... read more >>

Seeger Salvas Sues J&J Division Over Faulty Hip Implant Device Now Recalled by FDA After Hundreds of Failures
Insurance Companies or Medicare Could End Up Paying Much of the Resulting Costs for Corrective Medical Procedures

Metal Ion, Radiological and Cross-Sectional Testing Protocols
Guidance for the ASR(TM) XL Acetabular System/DePuy ASR(TM) Hip Resurfacing System Recall... read more >>


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